Refined and meticulous work and dedicated to ever lasting development of Hongli cause!

"Refined and meticulous work and dedicated to ever lasting development of Hongli cause!" such mission not only defines duties or obligations which shall be born by our enterprise to realize visions and goals, but also puts forward with role and positions shouldered by enterprise in economy and society. That HONGLI GROUP brings up enterprise mission during transformation and leaping development shows HONGLI GROUP has strong sense of responsibility, will input powerful driving force into ever lasting development of Hongli cause and provide firm prop by refined main industry and diversified development.                                                                    

"Dedicated to ever lasting development of Hongli!"  Various cause of HONGLI GROUP needs Hongli staff to realize grand goal of "ever lasting development" based on prerequisite of "ever lasting operation", clarifying roles and positions Hongli staff shall plays and places correctly. To reach such goal, we need to unite and lead all Hongli staffs to work hard for this, forming an upsurging force, making enterprise much better, steadier, stronger and bigger and having the enterprise develop permanently in the fierce market competition.                                                                    

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